Our Story

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted something with my name on but I couldn't find anything because I had an unusual name!  My mum is from Finland and even though I grew up in the UK, I had a Finnish name.  Now Finnish names aren't the easiest at the best of times but I'm called Leena and which is pronounced Layna in the UK, I won't even try and give you the Finnish pronunciation!

In many respects it was (and still is) great having an unusual name until it came to finding something, anything, with my name on so in 2014 I set up made for you to provide popular items that can be personalised with any name you want regardless of how it is spelled.  We all love to receive something thoughtful and unique, and I've kept that uppermost in my mind as I've sourced the products that you'll find on madeforyou.co.uk.  It took many months and lots of travelling to find the right products as I wanted to ensure that each item is good quality but also value for money and I think I've achieved that. I also regularly attend trade fairs up and down the country to find new products to add to our range.

I've not just looked for children's products, I've looked for things for all age groups and occasions so you'll find things for new babies, birthdays from 1 to 101, weddings, engagements, back to school, christenings, retirements, graduations and more.  Presents for babies, children, teenagers, men, women, brides, grooms, best men, bridesmaids, mums, dads, grandparents, even pets!  

I really hope you enjoy our products and I'd love to hear what you think of them too!

Leena x